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VA disability benefits range from $165.92 to $4,295.92 per month in 2023. Your monthly benefit is based on your disability rating, marital status, dependents and your spouse’s Aid and Attendance status.

Knowing your monthly VA disability benefits amount can help you plan your finances and prepare for any changes that could affect your monthly payment. Use this VA disability benefits calculator to estimate your monthly benefits.

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Your actual benefit may be lower or higher than the estimate made with this calculator. The VA does not disclose its formula for calculating benefits, only the rates for each situation. This means we can only estimate how much your situation will qualify for in benefits. This calculator does not include rate increases based on cost-of-living adjustments. Contact your local VA office to find out the exact amount you qualify for in VA disability benefits.

Calculate your estimated VA disability benefits

How to use this VA disability calculator

  1. Select your marital status. The VA uses your marital status to determine if you need additional money to support a spouse. If you answered yes, continue to step 2. If you answered no, skip to step 3.

  2. If you indicated that you’re married, indicate whether your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits. Receiving Aid and Attendance benefits means that your spouse needs physical assistance, which may increase your VA benefit.

  3. Select your disability rating. The more severe your disability, the higher your VA disability payments will be. If you have multiple qualifying disabilities, use your combined disability rating that was provided by the VA.

  4. Indicate if you claim parents as dependents. Your VA benefits may be higher if you claim one parent as dependent or both parents as dependents on your tax return. If you answered yes, continue to step 5. If you answer no, skip to step 6.

  5. Select how many parents you claim as dependents. The VA increases your benefit for each parent you claim as a dependent.

  6. Indicate if you claim children as dependents. Biological, adopted and step-children are included. Children who are 18-23 must be unmarried and enrolled in an approved college or university to qualify as a dependent. If you selected yes, continue to step 7. If you select no, the calculator will show you your final VA disability benefits estimate.

  7. Answer whether you claim children who are under 18 years old. Your benefit will increase for each child you claim. If yes, continue to step 7. If no, skip to step 9.

  8. Indicate how many children you claim under 18 years of age. The VA adjusts your benefit for each child under 18 that you claim.

  9. Answer whether you claim children who are 18 years of age or older, unmarried and enrolled in a college or university. Your benefit will increase for each child you claim. If yes, continue to step 10. If no, the calculator will show you your final VA disability benefits estimate.

  10. Indicate how many children 18 or older you claim as a dependent. The VA adjusts your benefit for each child 18 or older that you claim.

How the VA disability benefit calculator works

A veteran’s monthly VA disability benefit is based on four factors:

  • Spouse’s Aid and Attendance status.

  • Type and number of dependents.

Each of these increases a VA disability benefit by a different amount. The VA disability benefits calculator accounts for these four aspects of a veteran’s financial situation.

The calculator is based on the VA’s published disability rates for the year. Each of the four factors that affect a monthly benefit have a specific benefit tied to them. The answer you enter in the calculator determines how much is added to your estimated benefit.

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Because the estimate is based on answers to individual questions, you can change your answers to see how changes in your situation affect your VA disability benefits.

Next steps: More answers about VA disability benefits

Understanding how your monthly VA benefit is calculated can make the process easier to follow and less surprising when your rate is adjusted after changes in your financial situation.

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