The kite without a thread story for kids

The Kite without a thread story

Once a father and son went to a kite flying festival. The young son was very happy to see the sky full of colorful kites. He also asked his father to bring him a kite and a thread with a roller so that he too could fly a kite. So father went to the park shop where the fair was taking place. He bought kites and a roll of thread for his son.

His son started flying kites. Soon his kite reached high in the sky. After a while, the son said, father, it seems that the thread is holding the kite from flying high, if we break it, it will be free and fly high. Can we break it?” So the father cut the thread from the roller. The kite went up a little. This made the son very happy.

But then slowly the kite started coming down. And, soon he fell on the roof of an unknown building. The young son was surprised to see this. He had cut the thread of the kite so that it could fly higher but instead it fell down. He asked his father, “Dad, I thought that the kite could fly freely after cutting the thread. But why did it fall down?”

The father explained, “Son, at the height of life we ​​live in, we often think that some things are tied to us and are stopping us from going higher. The thread is not stopping the kite from going up. was, but it was helping it stay aloft when the wind was low and when the wind picked up, you helped the kite go up in the right direction with the thread. Without falling down you were supplying the kite through the thread.

The son realized his mistake.

Moral: Sometimes we feel that if we are not tied to our family, our home, we can grow faster and reach new heights in our life. But, we fail to realize that our family and loved ones with their help help us survive the difficult times in our life and motivate us to reach heights in our life. They are not holding us, but supporting us. Never let them go.

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