Southern Sun’s stock gains 8.4% in three months amid strong net income growth By

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Southern Sun (JSE:SSU), a prominent hospitality group, has shown a remarkable stock performance over the past three months, with an 8.4% appreciation in its share price. The company’s recent financial disclosures reveal a return on equity (ROE) of 9.1%, which corresponds to a ZAR0.09 profit for every ZAR1 (USD1 = ZAR18.7428) of equity held by shareholders. Although this ROE falls below the industry average of 29%, Southern Sun stands out with its significant net income growth.

Over a five-year span, the company has achieved a net income growth rate of 15%, surpassing the industry average of 7.2%. This notable increase suggests that Southern Sun’s strategic initiatives and financial decisions are bearing fruit, despite not following the common practice of distributing dividends to shareholders. Instead, Southern Sun opts to reinvest all profits back into the business, a strategy that could be contributing to its expansion and impressive growth rate.

The lack of dividend payouts may be aligned with Southern Sun’s long-term growth plans, allowing the company to allocate resources effectively towards potential opportunities for expansion and improvement within the hospitality sector. This reinvestment approach seems to resonate positively with investors, as evidenced by the stock’s performance in recent months.

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