Solving Email Space Crunch: DataMail App introduces ‘Unlimited Space’ to enhance user experience

Mailbox size is one of the most common problems these days, especially for office-goers. But there is some good news for users as XgenPlus’ DataMail App has introduced its ‘Unlimited Space’ to resolve the challenge of limited mailbox storage. This feature will enable users to expand their email storage capacity effortlessly, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of digital communication. 

Users can conveniently download the DataMail app to utilise these features in their mailbox. 

Users can increase their mailbox space by watching advertisements with the’ Unlimited Space’ feature. Each ad viewed will reward users with an additional 1 MB of space. This addresses the issue of space crunch and offers a hassle-free solution that adds value to the user experience without any additional cost.

According to Ajay Data, Managing Director, Data Group, ‘Unlimited Space’ has a user-centric approach to curb the storage crunch that mail users often face. 

“We understand the importance of seamless communication in today’s digital age, and this feature is a step forward in ensuring our users have the space they need. By addressing the challenge of limited email space, the ‘Unlimited Space’ feature aligns perfectly with the mission to enhance user experience and streamline digital communication,” Data said.

Meanwhile, Xgenplus is also actively developing a smart chatbot to elevate user support. This AI-powered chatbot will offer real-time and accurate responses to user queries towards the inbox, serving as a reliable virtual assistant. Its advanced capabilities will ensure continuous improvement, making it an indispensable resource for users.

Earlier, Data Xgen Technologies Pvt. Ltd launched ‘Datamail App’, an “AI Compose” tool that helps in conveniently framing emails across multiple genres. Powered by Xgenplus, this AI-driven innovation redefines how users draft and send emails, making the process seamless and efficient. With a commitment to exceptional user experiences, Datamail’s free email service sets a new standard for email writing, enhancing productivity, and delivering a frictionless experience.

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