Review of trades of the Owl Smart Levels strategy for the week from November 6 to 10, 2023

Today I present you an overview of trades made using the Owl strategy – smart levels for the EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD currency pairs for the week from November 6 to 10, 2023. 

For convenience and timely receipt of signals I use the Owl Smart Levels Indicator. The main trading timeframe is M15, while the H1 and H4 timeframes are used to confirm the trend direction of the higher timeframe.

EURUSD review

There were no trades on this asset last week.


GBPUSD review

The first trade on this currency pair was opened on the signal of the Owl Smart Levels indicator on Thursday at 16:45. The trade was closed by TakeProfit, bringing a profit of 48$.


Fig. 1. GBPUSD SELL 0.07, OpenPrice = 1.22860, StopLoss = 1.23075, TakeProfit = 1.22162, Profit = $48.70.

The second trade on this asset was opened the next day on Friday at 16:45. The trade was closed on the timely signal of the reversal of the indicator’s big arrow about the change of the market direction, which allowed not only to minimize the loss, but also to stay in the plus and keep the minimum profit of 2$.


Fig. 2. GBPUSD SELL 0.13, OpenPrice = 1.22249, StopLoss = 1.22369, TakeProfit = 1.21863, Profit = $2.13.


AUDUSD review

The first and the only trade on this currency pair was opened on the Owl signal on Monday at 11:15 and closed at StopLoss, bringing a loss of 15$.


Fig. 3. AUDUSD BUY 0.22, OpenPrice = 0.65106, StopLoss = 0.65037, TakeProfit = 0.65328, Profit = -$15.



There were 3 trades during the last trading week. The currency market continues to be unstable due to the complicated geopolitical situation in the world. Trading of major currencies against the dollar was held in a sideways corridor without well-defined trends which always causes difficulties. But despite this, the Owl Smart Levels indicator and the trading strategy developed on its basis brought positive results. The detailed data can be found in the final table.

We will see how the trading will look like and how the market will behave, as well as what trades will be offered to us to open Owl Smart Levels on Monday, during the upcoming trading week.

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