Noida emerges as premier real estate destination in NCR; here’s some factors driving its rise

Noida has firmly established itself as the foremost real estate hotspot in the National Capital Region (NCR), primarily owing to a substantial increase in investments and a favourable regulatory environment. The region has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by proactive government policies and forward-looking initiatives.

In a recent development that is set to resonate with real estate developers, the Noida Authority has taken a decisive step to address the challenges posed by delayed projects. Within the next month, the Noida Authority aims to finalise a comprehensive scheme designed to mitigate the issues caused by project delays. Once formulated, this scheme will be submitted to the Uttar Pradesh government for the necessary approvals. Notably, the Uttar Pradesh government is also planning to introduce a co-development policy to rejuvenate stalled projects in both Noida and Greater Noida.

The synergy between proactive government policies and burgeoning investment opportunities in the region has fueled a meteoric rise in Noida’s realty sector. Several factors have contributed to this, collectively transforming the city into a magnet for homebuyers and investors owing to its modern amenities, robust infrastructure, and unparalleled connectivity. 

“Among the fastest-growing segments in real estate, the commercial sector stands out. Noida Expressway’s realty market is defined by its ability to deliver exceptional value to both end-users and investors. High-street projects have led to a massive increase in buyers’ interest in this region due to the remarkable returns,” Amish Bhutani, MD, Group 108, stated.

Noida Expressway’s appeal lies not only in its connectivity but also in the availability of sound real estate projects, both residential and commercial. Its strategic location and proximity to the Noida Airport have infused vitality into the region’s real estate landscape. 

The connectivity network extends seamlessly with well-integrated metro links, expressways, and upcoming transportation nodes. The region boasts iconic projects offering exceptional investment opportunities and substantial price appreciation. Additionally, world-class healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and recreational spaces have enriched the quality of life in this vibrant area.

Deepak Kapoor, Director, Gulshan Group, expressed his views, stating, “The proximity to the Noida Airport and upscale residential sectors has injected new life into the retail and commercial landscape. Our project, Gulshan One29, one of the most premium office and retail complexes in Sector 129, has garnered tremendous investor support, reflecting the region’s potential.”

Factors driving the meteoric rise

1) Large-scale investment in infrastructure 

2) Affordable housing for people of all income groups

3) Adequate green spaces 

4) Incentives for developers by the state government 

5) Employment opportunities

With its rapid growth, outstanding infrastructure, and diverse real estate opportunities, this region offers investors the potential for significant returns. The influx of leading developers and increasing investments validate Noida Expressway’s status as the top choice in the NCR real estate market.

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