Make Money From YouTube Shorts Without Making Videos No Camera Required

everyone has been talking about youtube shorts lately yet no one has revealed an exact strategy on actually how to generate money from them even if you don’t have a youtube channel yet now if you aren’t sure what youtube shorts are basically it’s youtube’s version of tiktok or instagram reels short 60 second videos that are meant to get tons of views and go mega viral now i know you probably don’t have all the time in the world to be sitting down filming youtube shorts especially with google adsense revenue generated from them are pennies on the dollar but i’m going to show you how to quickly come up with content for your personal channel or a youtube automation channel like the seven i own that are generating me over a quarter million dollars per year without filming any videos or showing my face now before we get into step number one out of four make sure to smash the thumbs up button to see if we can hit over 4 000 likes by the end of the week so just tap that button below and let’s get started now step number one to making money from youtube shorts is to find a video that’s going to go mega viral so we’re gonna do that right over here on youtube now you could find videos in the animal niche the prank snitch um you know funny cat videos and that’s kind of the one i’m gonna go with right here as you can see i searched cat dominoes and this video right here has over 45 million views now don’t worry we’re not going to take this video and just re-upload it um to the channel we’re actually going to find a clip in this video that we can use for shorts and i’ll show you exactly how to do that okay so
what we’re gonna do is uh you know you can choose any video you’d like as you can see 45 million views 1.5 million views 34 million views this is really a popular and funny niche to choose a short video in so we’re going to choose this video right here we’re going to open up that video and as you can see the videos right here i’ll play it for you so you can see just a little bit of it um it’s pretty funny that you know the cat’s like knocking down the dominoes and it’s looking all around but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press the share button right here and we’re gonna grab this link okay we’re gonna grab this link we’re gonna copy that and then what we’re gonna do is step number two is to download this video to our computer so how are we gonna do that well i’d like to go over to this is a youtube to mp4 downloader you can find other ones on google by searching youtube to mp4 downloader and we’re going to paste that link right here and we’re going to convert the video and download it to our computer okay so now you have that video downloaded to your computer and then we’re gonna move on to step number three which is gonna be very easy we’re gonna go over here to canva and the reason why we are on canva is because we have to make that video into a vertical shorts uh mobile type video okay so how we’re gonna do that is we’re going to search mobile video here on and it’s going to take us to different templates but we’re just going to create a blank mobile video so we’re going to click on that and that’s going to bring us right over here and as you can see i dragged in the video that i downloaded off my computer so i drag that in here and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to expand this okay so we’re going to expand this video to make it fit into a mobile video and we’re going to leave these two white bars at the top so i’m going to go ahead and do this and center it perfect and then what i want to do is actually find a funny clip in the video so if we think that you know one minute to uh one minute 15 seconds is the best part right we can go ahead and clip that so i’m going to go ahead and clip this we’re going to press right here you can click on that and then you could go ahead and you know drag these over to 15 seconds okay so you could do that and then press done now we have this 15 second clip for our shorts okay and uh now what we’re going to do is add text to this um you know video right here so i’m gonna click on this one this is free all right and we are going to go ahead and drag this up here and we can type in our click the link or link in description we’ll put link in description okay and that’s our call to action for the monetization step that i’m going to show you on step number four okay so link in description we can make it a little bit smaller all right and the reason why we’re going to make it smaller i’m going to show you what also we’re going to add in here okay so we’ll center that okay so what we will do is duplicate this by pressing this and we’ll go ahead and add that to the bottom as well okay so i’m gonna get that there we go and then i’m gonna type in the same thing link in description all right and then we’ll make this smaller and we’ll drag that over here all right and then the last thing we’re going to do is add an arrow to this so we’re going to add an arrow we can go ahead and grab a free one this one’s free we could rotate it and we could put an arrow showing people that the link is down below we could even change the color to red all right and i will go ahead and do this one as well okay so we can go ahead and do that shrink that down perfect so now we have our video 15 seconds long ready for shorts to go viral and we could download it to our computer um very easily so we’re going to download that to our computer and then what we’re going to do is step number three we have to upload the video to our channel so as you can see we uploaded the video to our channel and now what i want you to do is we have to optimize this video to go viral with seo which is search engine optimization for youtube okay so what we have to do we could put um you know funny cat with dominoes okay and then you have to put hashtag shorts so that youtube knows that this is a short video in the description you can just copy paste this okay and you’re going to want to make sure shorts is in the description a thumbnail you don’t have to worry about it will upload one for you from the video and then what you’re going to want to do is scroll down and put in the tags hashtag shorts okay and then we could go ahead and before we upload we have to monetize okay and i’m going to show you exactly how to monetize without google adsense so what we’re going to do is we’re going to come over here to and this is where we could create print on demand merchandise so if someone clicks the link and buys the merchandise teespring is going to print it on the t-shirt or whatever we’re making and ship it out to the customer and give us 50 to 60 percent of that sale so we don’t have to fulfill the order we don’t have to buy t-shirts and or create anything okay this is a print on demand service that will do it for you uh for taking a portion of the revenue okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press um start designing okay and as you can see we can choose our product we can create whatever product we like it’s uh men’s tea maybe a women’s hoodie or a face mask which i like this one um you know it’s fitting for the times we could go ahead and click this all right and start designing a mask now you’re probably wondering well what are we going to actually print on that mask what we’re going to do is we’re going to grab a photo from this is a non-copyright stock footage website where you can grab non-copyright images you’re free to use them you’re free to sell them and we’re gonna choose whatever one we like now i like this one right here this is pretty funny kind of fitting for the cats and the dominoes this one’s funny as well the cat is putting his head through a piece of bread i think that’s pretty funny so we could download this and then upload it to our teespring launcher alright and as you can see i created a mask with this nice little cat right here it’s super funny and now we’re ready to go we can sell this um you know for 14.99 that’s what it says the profit for us will be 7.49 per face mask so that’s a pretty good profit especially if we’re getting hundreds of thousands if not millions of views so what we’re gonna do is now grab our link to this product and we’re going to go ahead and add it to the description um so funny meme mask and then we could go ahead and paste it there now we have a shorts video that’s going to go mega viral and it even has a monetization method so people can click the link and buy a funny uh meme cat face mask so this is exactly how we’re gonna start profiting off of youtube shorts now there’s an even better way o profit off of youtube shorts like i talked about at the beginning of the video and if you click the link below you’re gonna see exactly how i’m generating over a quarter million dollars on youtube not from this channel right here but from my seven other cash flow channels that i don’t upload videos i don’t film the videos i don’t edit the videos frankly i don’t really do much except for check how much profits my channels are making now if you click the link below you’re gonna go through a free training that i uploaded for you it’s a 25 minute long video right here as you can see how to generate over 20 000 per month without filming youtube videos or showing your face you could even book a call with me or one of my team members and what we do for our clients is we get we import a trained and vetted professional actor into their business okay we give them access to our 750 000 subscriber network to boost their channels and we even help them scale so as you can see some clients right here there’s one of my clients rigel making over 4 900 a month with this channel that he just started a couple months ago peter making over thirteen hundred dollars and a few more clients right here so you can check out these videos by clicking the link in the description to go ahead and book a call with me or just watch that free training and watch some of the testimonials of some of my clients that are actually doing the same thing

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