Huddle Global summit witness launch of Kerala’s own electric two-wheelers

The recently concluded Huddle Global summit of Kerala Startup Mission has witnessed the launch of the State’s own Landi E-Horse electric super bike and Landi Eagle jet super scooter with a fast charging system of 5 to 15 minutes.  

The State Transport Secretary, Biju Prabhakar, conducted the commercial launch of the vehicles manufactured by the Kochi based Hindustan EV Motors Corporation at the venue.

Unlike other electric vehicles, the company said that Landi E-Horse electric super bike and scooter use the fifth generation LTO power bank. These superbikes can be recharged in an hour from anywhere with 16 AMP power.

The super bike and scooter batteries use special lithium chemistry (5th Generation Lithium Titanate Oxi Nano) battery pack. Compared to current EVs, its battery packs do not need to be replaced as often. The company assures that these battery packs have a manufacturing style that does not generate any kind of heat during charging and discharging, so there is no chance of accidental fire, the company said.

Besides the Landi E Horse super bikes, the company also manufactures the Landi Eagle Jet electric super scooters with fast charging system.

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