How To Make Money Online Searching Google In 2022

How To Make Money Online Searching Google In 2022

How To Make Money Online Searching Google In 2022 (For Beginners Users)

in this article revealing how to make money online just by searching on google and how complete beginners is earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience and how i literally just use one of these methods to pull in 346 000 in net commissions with no experience more that after the intro hey guys how’s it going mike fasil here welcome this article before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week’s free workshop where it’s the fastest and easiest way to make money online we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so sign up for it now so one of the reasons why i wanted to go ahead and make money online was because i was completely angry in the fact that i did not have the life that i wanted whenever i saw my friends you know go to like expensive vacations whenever i saw my friends you know go to nice restaurants and i couldn’t actually afford to be there i was pissed off and angry on the fact that i was literally dealt the situation you know literally immigrants from the philippines coming to america having me and my sister and always struggling after money and i knew for a fact very early on that i had to figure this money game out right my only problem in challenge is i had no idea how to actually get started i had no idea where to begin i had no idea that i needed time money or experience actually get started and it almost prevented me from actually succeeding but because i did little things that actually ended up working not only did i go and make my first hundred dollars a day which was the only thing that mattered to me in my mind i was like if i could just make a hundred dollars a day for free you know doing things on the side then i could actually go ahead and win back my time gain some peace of mind to then think about my next chess moves on exactly what i need to go ahead and do to succeed even more does that make sense and let me tell you one thing that completely changed everything and that is number one if you want to succeed if you want to become successful you need to model the people that already have the results that you want does that make sense like if you want to get a basketball you listen to michael jordan soccer david beckham if you want to learn how to become wealthy and successful you need to find out exactly how other people are going in and doing that right and especially if you want to make money online by just searching on google well who else is already making money online by searching on google and we could actually pull up a really good interesting case study right now and that’s nerd wallet guys literally check this out if you don’t know what nerdwallet is you are literally insane because of the fact that nerd wallet is a company that literally from searching on google make a lot of money how much money do you think well guess what they pull in 379 million dollars last year now here’s the thing if they were able to do that okay what’s stopping you from just copy and pasting their business model and you know doing something very similar right so let’s actually break this down what is their business model their business model is very simple they don’t have any products at all they literally have zero products all they do is they have one little blog that they rank for credit cards that they recommend that’s it they don’t own any one of these credit cards like if i just go ahead and type in credit cards or credit card score let’s just do credit cards right here pick the best credit card right and i go ahead and click on that maybe actually go to this one best of credit cards best credit cards right here they essentially made a bunch of these things now they don’t own any one of these offers they don’t own you know chase they don’t own capital one they don’t literally own any one of these things all they did was they just owned the distribution where when someone searches best credit cards and they go ahead and land on this right they click on this whenever they go ahead and apply now on chase’s website or on capital one’s website or on wells fargo’s website these big financial institutions will pay them a lot of money like seriously a lot of money just for recommending it right so the money comes from just ranking for certain money making keywords now here’s the thing there’s some keywords that will make you more money than others right like for example if i was going ahead and hanging out with my friends here in for example bali i interview a lot of successful people here in bali like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars or this guy that makes a million profit and after one of our podcasts we’re like hey let’s get a cheeseburger okay where do you want to go oh let me just google it best cheeseburger in bali now do you think when i write down that keyword oh best cheeseburger in bali that i want a tutorial no i want to spend money when i type in the word best of something i literally want to spend money on something and those pieces of content are the best pieces of content you could get and create just by finding them by searching on google right so think about this a best is a really good example right because this is exactly one of the things that they do best credit card of whatever so you can go ahead and type in best whatever industry or niche that you want to get into states weight loss supplements best supplement for look at this muscle growth for skin for hair loss for hair growth hair growth brain weight loss dogs i can literally go ahead search this on google and google will essentially tell me all the things that people are searching for now how does this actually work imagine google kind of like a content net right not even a continent but like like a country where there’s a lot of people there now imagine each one of these words that pop out like a piece of real estate that you can actually develop now here’s the thing the people that develop the real estate the ones that are on the boots ground up are the ones that make most money like if you ever watch crazy rich asians right like those people that developed singapore they made the most money or donald trump’s dad right who developed new york he made a lot of money right so you could literally have the same opportunity by developing the real estate that google has because google has something better than real estate in its mind real estate attention real estate think about all the people that are constantly for example typing their questions and queries on google if you understand that you understand that each one of these are literally addresses which could make a lot of money right how much money this is a good example of literally the peak of how much you can literally make when you treat it seriously now i’m not going to tell you that you’re going to do this right obviously because nerdwallet has been doing this for decades but i’m telling you like if all this did was make you 100 a day would it actually be worth it right so that’s the concept that we’re doing best is one of them you could do best supplements for acts best supplements for why you could do best jump ropes you could do best whatever and that’s literally a concept that would make money another thing is verses right so you see verses you see uh same thing in here our top picks they’ll do versus like something versus whatever something for it versus another thing sally mae versus ascent right you could do two different things if i was going to do something for example hosting right here’s like a really good example for it uh i could do something like bluehost versus all these things i can literally make content on this and each one of these i could also make money by recommending it i’ll show you exactly how later on another thing is review right i can do bluehost review and again all of these things i could go ahead and make content off of it again this is going to be the distribution the real estate that i developed that i go ahead and for example like own that i could literally go ahead and scale that business to the moon right the next thing that i would do is i would find an affiliate program that i would go ahead and promote on any one of these things if i’m promoting for example supplements i would go ahead and type in supplement affiliate program on for example google i can sign up for an affiliate program for free they’re essentially going to go ahead and do all of the backing stuff the shipping and handling the product delivery the customer service they’re going to give me a special link when that’s when people go through that special link same way how people go through this special link right here on nerdwallet this is a special link where whenever someone clicks on this they go off to like for example chase will then notif get notified saying oh wow nerdwallet sent this eyeball over to for example chase now we can actually give them a commission whenever they send that over right guys this is really what i did i found an affiliate marketing program and that’s exactly how i literally got a huge commission from it for a product that i did not have to ship touch create do any shaping handling or customer service does that make sense and it’s really by creating content on review versus or best of and you can see this is what i’m doing with my blog right now if you go to i’m literally implementing this right from magento versus shopify from like the the top or the best you know affiliate programs of this year to for example squarespace versus wordpress and of course i’m doing some tutorials on there as well right but most of the time it’s brand versus brand it’s uh more brands versus brands i do a lot of like just how-tos just to like literally give value but look look at this brand versus brand um brand versus brain we literally practice what i preach and every single time i recommend one of these to sign up for an affiliate program i just type in brand plus affiliate uh program sign up for on google and you literally get access to it right for free and start promoting it right now where else can i do this on i can do this on youtube as well right like literally on youtube it’s not just me podcasting and interviewing really successful people here in bali but like if i just typed in jump rope transformation do you see all these things that pop up these are literally what youtube is saying this is what people are searching for i can search this on google or youtube get a recommendation make a piece of content and own this piece of real estate like what i do here nearly a million views and again you can do the exact same thing best supplements for weight loss whatever all these things best jump rope look at this all of these things all these things i can create content for and then recommend some type of other product or offer and get paid in affiliate commissions for does that make sense and these are just some ways you could literally make money by just searching on google with affiliate marketing but if your goal is to just make money fast we literally have people make money online fast brand new with this brand new method of this year where we literally have people in our community people like dina a stay-at-home mom go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks if she was able to do it and you know ilio was able to do it and greg was able to do it and you know chris was able to do it and francisco from chile where the average increments 500 a month was able to go ahead and make a good amount of money faster than anything else then make sure you sign up for this free workshop below check out this article in this podcast right here and i’ll see you guys later

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