How to Install WebSocket Plugin in JMeter

How To Install Websockets Plugin In Jmeter

hi everyone in this video we will see how to install websocket plugin from plugin manager so if you don’t have plugin manager already installed in your machine then we need to install our plugin manager downloading from jmeter website so once you download a jar file you need to copy your chart into the lib ext and paste in the ext so we have a plugin manager here with version of 1.7 so once you have a plugin manager in your geometer then start your geometer if you don’t have any plugin manager and you download it by opening your geometer and copy it even after opening the geometry you need to restart your geometer to take it effect so your plugin management in your clock in menu menu so under options here it will show the plugin manager if you don’t see this plugin manager even after copying a chat just restart your server just restart your geometer that has to come up so after getting there go to plugin manager go to available plugins and search for the socket so we have two plugins here so i prefer under using the socket sampler the socket sampler click on apply and restart geometer now geometer will restart once the plug-ins required dependencies and jars are downloaded james will restart automatically once germany when the plugin has installed successfully we could see the web socket request in our geometer geometry is starting now now go to third group add that group just to add our sampler sampler here you will see the tip socket request websocket writer reader close open and ping so these are the slip socket requests which we need to add uh respect as per our request so as per requirement so if you want to create you need to add a reader if you want to write you need to write adder if you open a connection you can open it you can use the open connection sampler to use it so this is how we need to install the jmeter once it is installed we should be able to see the samples in our sample tag tab so we should have a web socket requested thanks for listening friends

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