Ghaziabad: Man tries to live stream his suicide, saved by meta alert

A 23-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh went on social media with the intention to livestream his attempt to die by suicide on Tuesday. However, his plans failed when within 15 minutes of him starting the live stream, Ghaziabad police reached his home and stopped him in between. The police got the alert from Meta in California.

Abhay Shukla’s life was saved by an agreement made between Meta and the Uttar Pradesh police in March last year, which prompted Meta to send an alert to the state DGP office’s media centre through an email.

Anshu Jain, a senior officer of the Ghaziabad police, said, “The man is originally from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh and recently suffered a Rs 90,000 loss due to which he took the step.”

Ghaziabad police rushed to locate Abhay Shukla’s house after receiving the alert from Meta. After some searching, they were able to find the exact location of his house, which was in Ghaziabad’s Vijayanagar area. Abhay Shukla was in his room when police came and stopped him before he could move ahead with his plan of attempting suicide.

Last year as well a similar case happened, but the police were unable to save the victim. In December, a 27-year-old man in Guwahati died by suicide while live streaming on Facebook because his girlfriend’s refused to marry him because of her family’s pressure. Later his family accused the woman’s family of his death.

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