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one song can get you paid seven dollars two songs fourteen dollars ten songs seventy dollars and so on and so forth and as you can see as a right now i have around nine hundred dollars into my account balance from this platform i’m gonna reload the page so you can see that this is real we have nine hundred dollars so if you ever wonder what it would feel like to listen to music and make money while doing that then this is the video that you must watch now honestly this will not make you rich like you cannot make a lot of money by doing this and it takes a lot of time to get to this number and this is not how i personally make the majority of my income and actually by listening to these songs you will directly be selling your time for money you will need to spend your time in order to make money so if you actually want to see how to build a profitable online business something that i am personally doing like this is something that i’m doing full time not listening to music but actually this is a passive income business that they run it’s a youtube automation business where you make money from youtube videos without showing your face and without recording them with the camera and we literally have channels that go for like 400 500 a day sometimes even 700 per day just from one income stream so if you want to learn more about that business model i have a lot of free tutorials that you can watch a link in the description box and down below but if you just want to make some pocket money you want to make some extra money while listening to music then you can also watch this video once again it’s not going to make you rich it’s not going to make you insane amounts of money and it’s gonna take a lot of time to get here but still getting nine hundred dollars for listening to music sounds good so drop a like down below so we can get the one thousand likes as soon as possible and let us begin with a step-by-step tutorial and by the way i also want to show you all these different people who are already making money using this platform every single day people from all over the world are using it to make money while listening to music and i want to show you exactly how they’re doing this now these are all the different ways that you can withdraw your money from this platform you can use paypal you can use payeer web money perfect money you can also get bitcoin ethereum like all sorts of different things so for the step number one i just wanted to go there and sign them to one of these platforms so you can actually receive your money so if you want to use paypal go to paypal.com and then and you know create an account so you can receive your money and by the way as you can see the minimum payout is just one dollar so you don’t have to have like thousands of dollars into your account in order to withdraw uh if you want to use pay year just go sign up to pay your credit your account so you can actually receive the money that you make with this platform then for the step number three you will need to go over to pixabay.com and then click on music or just go directly to pixabay.com music and basically pixabay is a copyright free platform basically they provide you with copyright-free materials and resources whether those are photos videos or even music and copyright free means that you are able to re-upload the content that is on this platform to other platforms with no attribution to the author they basically give you full license and full rights to
actually do that and you don’t even have to pay for anything so basically once you come over to pixabay.com music you can find a lot of different songs in a lot of different genres as you can see on the left-hand side you can select electronic upbeat beats beautiful plays hip-hop main idol modern classic and a lot more like there’s a lot of different songs like there’s like thousands upon thousands of different songs that you can find in pixabay.com music and each of these songs can make you approximately seven dollars again and again and again so what you can simply do to start listening to one of these songs is you can just press this button right over here [Music] and then the song is going to start playing and i want you to listen to them so listen for example to this song right over here and then if you like it if you think other people would also like it if you think like it’s boring or no one would like it then then you know ignore it so first of all you will need to listen to those songs you will need to listen to some music here and find something that you think you like and that other people would will potentially like and that’s extremely important so honestly inspiring emotional uplifting piano i’m not really sure if someone would actually listen to that so i will go and maybe go with or actually hip hop that’s actually a really good one so let’s listen to this song over here [Music] alright do you like this one let me know in the comments down below but yeah i’m gonna go with this one let’s say it’s really good and i like it i’ve listened to it so now what you need to do is just press the download button right over here so just click download and that song will be onto your computer now i want you to repeat the same thing again and again the more of these songs that you listen to and the more of them you download the more money you will be able to make and actually like the higher passive income stream you will get so maybe i’m also gonna go with this one let’s say i have two songs right now or let’s say also like this one this is a third song and i’m ready to go now now obviously download at least like 15 to 20 of these songs once again the more of them the better and then proceed to the step number three and the step number three is to go over to a platform called app.forever.org updateforever.org is a platform where you can upload different things upload different files and get paid while doing that so this is a file sharing free cloud storage basically not only will they allow you to upload your files for free but they will also pay you when you do that so as you can see you can upload your files safely and withdraw profits from the various payment methods or convert the profits into different products like you can also get awards and products and and gifts and whatnot and the reason they are paying you is because when someone you know downloads that file that you uploaded to app.forever.org
they will be shown some ads so they will basically be sent to a landing page for ads which they can skip and once they skip those ads basically this platform is just sharing the odd revenue with you they’re splitting the other revenue with you and that’s how both you and the platform are making money and those files can also be like photos videos pdf documents text documents and can also be music so what you can simply do is you can of course you know first of all go through the platform see if you like it or not and yeah it’s absolutely free you don’t have to spend any money on the remium membership or whatsoever like it’s zero dollars uh forever and then you will just need to sign up to the platform so there’s gonna be a sign up button right over here where you will then enter some basic details about
yourself like your first last name email address create a password and that’s it and then you have an account and then you will be able to log in by pressing the login button right over here and as you can see i have instantly logged in you can press on make money to
see how this actually works but as you can see you will be paid per 1000 downloads in some in different areas so now how much you’re going to be paid depends on where the people are coming from the people who actually download those files in this case who download the music and those songs which you uploaded from pixabay and as you can see if they’re coming from tier four countries you will be paid three dollars per 1000 downloads either coming from top tier one countries you will be paid seven dollars per 1000 downloads and if you scroll a little bit down you can also see all the different payment methods as i mentioned earlier uh if you want to use like bitcoin and ethereum you would need to have at least a hundred dollars into your account uh if you want to use some other options like payoneer that’s dollars if you want to go with net dollar it’s five dollars screel is five dollars people is just one dollar that basically means that as soon as you reach one dollar into your account you can instantly withdraw that money and spend it on whatever you want to so now let me actually go to my account so i can show you how this actually works and we go to my account you can also once again see that i have 900 into this account and by the way you can also make money by referring other people so as you can see like for example right now i’m making a video about this platform and i could like also leave the link to it in the description box i’m not doing that by the way but i could also leave a link and like every single person that signs up would also make me passive income as well uh and anyways uh here on the left hand side you can see all the different features that they have but the most important one right now is the upload files feature so click on upload files and then click on choose a file and just upload one of those songs which you previously downloaded from pixabay.com music you can also write a brief description you can also change the title and then you want to select it to be public as well so you want to make sure that it’s public so that other people can see that on the platform and can download that song and then just click on start the upload let it just load like it really depends on your internet connection how fast that’s gonna be but then basically you can just open it up right over here and then you can also share this link whenever someone clicks on this link and they download that song you will be paid for that now if you go through my files on the left hand side you’ll be able to see all the different songs that you have uploaded so for example this song right over here we can click on actions and edit the song and you can also set the price so for example you can set the price to be seven dollars for the song and just click submit and now whenever someone downloads this song you will be paid seven dollars and the reason people will download these songs is because they want to use copyright free music in their videos in their youtube videos in their commercials and stuff like that and these songs are entirely copyright free so a lot of people don’t even know that they can use pixabay.com music to find these songs so they would just go to app.forever.org and when they download that you could get paid seven dollars per download per song download and the more of those songs that you upload the higher chances of making more money you will have now obviously it takes a lot of time to actually reach people with this platform and you will need to be promoting your link across different social media networks to attract people to download your songs and stuff like that it takes a lot of a lot of work to get some like higher numbers you could you know just start out and make a couple of dollars but compared to how much time and effort you need to put into this i really think it’s worth it so that’s why i said if you actually want to put in a little bit more time and effort but actually establish an online business that could be making you money for the next couple of months or even years to come then click the first link in the description box down below and watch as many of my youtube automation tutorials for completely free as you want to they’re all once again absolutely free and they’re linked in the description box down below literally it’s way way better than trading your time for money and then you know just uploading different files and waiting for people to download them like you cannot control that and you have no idea how many people are actually gonna download and if you are gonna make some decent amount of money or not but when in youtube when it comes to youtube automation i literally have channels that went from zero to making 400 a day in the first seven days and there is no other online business like that one once again free tutorials are linked in the description ox down below i really hope you’ve learned something new in this video if you did make sure to drop a like to it down below and let’s begin

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