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this right here is a payment i received from a legit data entry job this is a special magic cloth now you won’t be needing a magic cloth to get payments like these but you will be needing a phone or computer in to go over to hey welcome back this is ryan hildreth now before i show you exactly how to earn 200 per hour from data entry go ahead and hit the subscribe button down below this video make sure to smash the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm to see if we can get to 500 likes in the next 30 minutes now let’s go ahead and take a look at this right over here as you can see a nice big paypal payment sent to me for simply typing a few data entry points okay now results are not guaranteed you may earn more than this the same or a little bit less but i can tell you one thing if you don’t follow the exact steps throughout this entire video then results like this will definitely not be possible for you so make sure to stick all the way through and do not skip over any of the steps now the three steps to earning 200 per hour from legit data entry jobs are step number one i’m going to be revealing the top three new sites that are paying people for data entry step number two i’ll be showing you a walkthrough of exactly what you will need to do and step number three i’ll be unveiling how to earn 30 000 per month passively on complete autopilot as a bonus towards the end so let’s go ahead and jump right into the exact platforms and strategy we’ll be utilizing to earn a lot of money from data entry now data entry salaries according to zip zip recruiter okay um in just california all right ranges from anywhere from 16 000 a year part time i imagine all the way up to 81 000 per year so just imagine you know if you could at least earn the average and just extra income what would 41 000 per year extra on top of what you’re currently making do for you right what could you buy i want you to comment down below what you would buy with an extra 40 000 every single year coming in from a little data entry side hustle for you okay so i’m going to show you exactly how we can get started with this now if we go over here okay this is google maps and this is an example of a data entry job that i’ve done previously okay and basically they had me the company had me look for los angeles jewelers okay they were doing some research to reach out for social media marketing or something like that and they just needed me to find all of the jewelers in los angeles and plug them into a spreadsheet so what i did was i went to jewelry los angeles google maps all right and i just clicked on some of these uh jewelers right we have uh if and coach custom jewelry right here right so we’d click on that we’d copy the business name then we’d go over to a spreadsheet and paste it under business okay so it’s that easy now their email might be a little harder to find but what i like to do is just go ahead and click on the website all right and go to their website and then if you scroll all the way down or if you scroll all the way they should have their email somewhere around here now they have their phone number so we’re gonna go ahead and grab that all right and then go back here put in phone number and then obviously you’d put in the phone number address and email okay so it’s that easy simply just going to uh you know google maps finding all the jewelers in los angeles all right and inputting them into the spreadsheet should take you around 20 to 30 minutes now that’s exactly how i’m getting paid 200 per hour now i’m gonna show you um exactly the exact platforms that you could utilize to start getting paid from this type of work now the very first one is not the highest paying but definitely one you want to get started with is called clickworker.com okay profit from your talents the cool part about it is that you could download the app in the apple app store or the google play store so it works on both ios and android so when you’re you know in your spare time maybe in between breaks on your on your lunch break or something like that or maybe when you’re watching tv you could go ahead and do a few jobs data entry jobs and start earning from your phone okay now if you scroll down you’re going to see they have app testing proofreading data entry okay it’s going to be like research all right and categorization okay data of websites okay and that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing very cool and they do pay out via paypal weekly or monthly payments depending on what you’d like if you want to be paid out as often as possible they can do that or if you want them to hold it and just kind of build up a nice chunk of money and then pay you at the end of the month they can do that as well so this is the first website to get started with the second one is called picoworkers.com small gigs big results uh business owners basically come to you ask for your help as far as data entry and they post the job listings on this particular site so it’s pretty cool small gigs and you could get started with this very very fast this is an easy website to start earning okay it pays out even more now if you want to see the highest way of finding data entry jobs the highest payments you’re going to come over here to google actually they act google actually has a search tab if you type in data entry job it pulls up all of the jobs for data entry that you could put requirements like no degree right company type anything like that i put requirements no degree because if you have no degree no experience that’s totally fine you can still do data entry and get paid okay like this job right here work from home full-time anywhere in the world okay remote 18 to 20 an hour now this is us dollars so if you’re in a different country this might be a lot more in your country so that’s great right and you can scroll down and kind of apply on linkedin for each one of these uh jobs okay and sometimes they have the salaries like for this one for symbria it’s they on a zip recruiter they’re known to pay out of almost 72 thousand dollars per year so this is a very good way of finding the data entry jobs is with google itself okay now this reminds me a lot of when i first started out handing out milkshakes and burgers for minimum wage as you can see right here i was frustrated tired and i knew that i was not going to get rich doing this job or even little side hustles like the ones i just showed you okay well sure you’re trading your time for money and you can make a couple hundred bucks or maybe even a few thousand it’s not gonna make you rich okay and i quickly knew that i had to build a passive income business that would generate income while i’m sleeping while i’m working on the business or while i’m out there traveling and enjoying my time with my family okay and i built that business and it helped me pay for some of my dream activities like my very first stream car this ferrari 458 went into the newport dealership paid for this car and enjoyed it uh very much and in fact that same year we even went traveling stayed at some of the most expensive hotels while my passive income business was paying for it and even in the following year i purchased my second dream car this mclaren 570s okay now if you want to see exactly how i’m generating over 35 000 per month profit in passive income working less than an hour per week go ahead and click the very first link down below this video it’s going to take you to a training tutorial where i’m going to show you exactly how i’m doing it and there’s even testimonials of my clients that are having a lot of success with it so it’s not just working for me it’s working for other people as well and you could see that there i’m also going to link two more videos right here on additional ways of making money online and i’ll see you in the next one take care

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