CBI begins probe in Dehradun land scam

A Lt Colonel who was given a piece of government land in Dehradun to compensate for disability he suffered in the line of duty is one of the victim of land scam the CBI has started to probe on the request of Uttarakhand government.

This is one of the four separate cases the CBI has registered after taking over same number of FIRs (Nos. 13/2018, 13/2022, 15/2022 and 31/2022) earlier probed by Rajpur police station of Dehradun against the accused including private persons.

Last year, Lt Col Soben Singh Danu, who had lost a body part in the service of the nation, lodged a complaint to Rajpur police station seeking action against Sudhir Kumar Vidlas and his manager for illegally constructing boundary wall on a peice of land meausuring .3900 hectares he owned in Mauja Johri of Pargana Kendriyadoon.

He said Vidlas had again constructed the boundary wall and even encroached on common land meant for the road, after the local authorities had demolished them on his previous complaint.

“It was alleged that the accused in conspiracy with others, encroached on the government land and carried out illegal constructions and further grabbed land of others by falsification of sale deeds etc. thereby causing gain to themselves and loss to Government and other private individuals,” a CBI spokesperson said.

Searches were conducted on Wednesday around 20 places including at Dehradun at the premises of the accused to get more evidence in the land scam.

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