Advertising Standards Council: Edtech accounted for least complaints in 2022-23

Edtech sector accounted for the least number (8,951 complaints) of complaints to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) in 2022-23, of which 7,928 were processed, according to the recently published Annual Complaints Report 2022-23.

The edtech industry accounted just 2.7 per cent of complaints received by ASCI in the period under review.

Proactive measures

The India Edtech Consortium (IEC) has been proactive in self-regulating and resolving challenges faced by the nascent edtech industry.

The consortium has conducted internal meetings and engaged in fruitful discussions with the Consumer Affairs Department, the government of India, and other relevant agencies, providing them with comprehensive information on complaint registration and resolution rates.

As a result of the IEC’s visibility and proactive approach, the number of complaints has significantly decreased while achieving a resolution rate above 95 per cent.

To further strengthen consumer protection and ensure accurate advertising practices, the IEC last year conducted a joint study with the ASCI titled ‘Raising the bar on EdTech advertising’.

Detailed survey

The comprehensive survey actively sought feedback from randomly selected students, parents, and industry experts, with a commitment to acting upon the feedback and enhancing the overall learning experience.

According to the study’s findings, 9 out of 10 parents consider ads as important factors in selecting classes or courses for their children’s education.

Three-quarters of the ads did not make exaggerated promises or guarantee academic success. The study also revealed that ads significantly influence parents’ decisions when selecting an edtech platform, with 49 per cent of parents finding ads helpful in making choices.

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