$10,000, Trading with Artificial Intelligence and My Trading journey

I was like every normal trader trying to make something out of the forex market, I switched on my laptop straight up to Meta Trader, and it seems the spinning icon wants the whole day to load.

Bam! It’s finally here, I can see the market and its unpredictable up-and-down wave, with so many numbers, indicators, charts and data. So where do I start? I heard the success stories of many traders in the forex market, yes, my friend Bruno double a $10,000 account.

What was going through my mind?  how did they all do it, when is the right time to buy or sell a security, when I switched to the daily time frame, it had a different wave, and then to the 15 minutes, it showed me another different chart altogether. Same currency pair, different stories per time frame.So much pressure in this market and I don’t want to lose my money the 5th time. I managed to put some $500 into my trading account to recover the lost monies swallowed by the market, however gaining without losing is a fantasy that happens only on TV shows not reality.

Truth be told, the forex market can be a scary place to find yourself, if you are a beginner especially when you have blown your account more than twice. I summoned the courage to for a bullish move and the market suddenly goes bearish. It hit me out then I thought maybe I made a mistake, let me go short I said and in a few minutes, the market reversed, every professional trader has been in these shoes at some point in their trading journey.

So, what could be wrong? is it that my mouse clicks were too quick to go for the orders or that mind was playing a fast one on me so I could lose my capital again? this time I said never, I will rise above the odds. So, I decided to do the opposite of what my mind told me.

When I have an intuition to go for a buy, I do the opposite, so I hit the sell button, the strategy seems to be working and the market goes my way, I was happy that I made $40. But think of it how can I be this excited, imagine losing $1000 on a betting site and getting excited when you win $20, what a very poor investment yet the feeling of winning and the market going my own way rubbed a soothing balm on my emotions.

On the USDJPY chart, in the 30min time frame, my analysis predicted a fall in price and I did the opposite and went for a buy, so this time the market dealt with me mercilessly and hit me out. That feeling when your stop loss hit and your old-time friend vibrates your phone with a call, most likely he/she may not want to call again in a long while because of the complacent energy received from the call. So how do these guys do it, what kept them at the top of the game, and who tells them when to buy or sell? this is getting mysterious. Truth be made known, success in the forex market will require an appreciable knowledge of forex and its mode of operation. Ehh! don’t run away from it, it will save you from losing hundreds of dollars, trust me, you will be in safe hands.

I went back to learning, I read so many books and enrolled in different trading tutorials to get more insight into the market.

Some of my greatest challenges was time spent. I spent so much time on market analysis while every other thing I had to do in the day suffered, to be profitable in the market you need a good time to study profitable opportunities and patience to develop a setup and wait for it to click-happen in the market. My friend John says he usually checks the market during break times at work, he goes for a few trade orders and leaves the market, John believes he will be successful that way, you can’t give so little and expect so much. A time came when I heard a friend talk about using artificial intelligence to trade, it sparked my curiosity and I dive so deep into the ocean of Algo trading.

This was an amazing experience for me, wow! so I can write an instruction on what I want as a strategy and the computer will alert me on when such setup is available in the market while am about doing other productive things in the day? I Could save so much time and energy. It was possible to create a trading system that will calculate risk per trade of my capital, no matter where I place my stop loss, Lot size, trail stop, equity stop, time stop, and so much more

I could set up and develop multi-dimensional signals and decompress  big data and market indicates into simpler units, I could automatically place trades based on the condition set by me and modify expert advisors by another developer to my unique style. 

Wow, this is so much a wonder to me and I got even more enthusiastic, I learnt so much online and it give me so much joy however these were my challenges, there was no step-by-step approach to this course, when I checked the mql5 forum for answers I will see some users reply to a poor novice who asked a similar question to back home and learn to code, that was quite rude and it didn’t end well with me. Go check the documentation! another said but who will show me how to achieve what I want in the most simplistic way?

I knew  there were many new developers out there like me who seek a comprehensive way to build algorithmic trading systems. I took it upon myself to bring the answers to traders whose questions have not been answered but are subjected to wander into a road without numbers and street names. 

I did so much research and studies to tailor a step-by-step methodology of learning the Mql5 language for both beginner and expert developers.

My Name is Raphael, I authored the book Full Stack Expert Advisor Programming for Meta Trader 5 to help traders out there to build different trading systems both simple and complex algorithms that will give them an edge in the Forex Market.

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This book is open to both novices and professionals. The principles of the Mql5 language, the ideal model for a trading system, sophisticated trading algorithms and operations, the use of price data, technical analytics for market analysis, and many other unique aspects are covered in this book.

After studying this book, you will be able to do the following:

  • Learn how to program fully automated and Semi-automated algorithms for trade enhancement and assistance.
  • Learn how to code the premium serial bearish and bullish candle patterns and their optimization.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to recover from trade operations when predictive analysis fails by using the order reverse approach.
  • Price action is known as the king of trades. Learn how to use price data and candle stick patterns to confirm market entry.
  • Develop your coding skills by learning how to manage numerous trade orders, modify market and pending orders, delete pending orders, close market orders, handle errors, and other sophisticated trading procedures.
  • Learn how to safeguard your equity using the risk management strategy. As your account size increases, this idea commits fewer resources to trade and more resources if the opposite is true.
  • Gain more knowledge about the break-even stop strategy and trailing stop algorithm to reduce losses and maximize profits.
  • Create forecasting market analyses and signals utilizing the most widely used indicators, including the moving average, average true range, relative strength index, Bollinger band, stochastic indicator, moving average convergence and divergence indicator, and many others.
  • Use a martingale and dynamic lot sizes for trade recovery.
  • Set take profit and stop loss trade limits using the average true range.
  • Employ the Fibonacci object, upper and lower trend lines, as well as horizontal and vertical lines to analyse support and resistance patterns.
  • Utilize the multi-timeframe algorithmic technique on the M1, M5, M30, H1, and D1 to compare and create precise signals.
  • Create algorithms that start trading at predetermined times when the market is stable and at a predetermined spread range.
  • Create trade signals using one or more indicators to confirm and filter signals.
  • Create various expert advisors, such as market order expert advisors, buy stop/sell stop pending order expert advisors, and buy limit/sell limit pending order expert advisors.
  • Use the Strategy Tester and History Centre to assess the robustness of your Trading System.

You will also be able to see how important it is to plan, design, and use your ingenuity to create a solid system. A better experience is always provided by practical knowledge.

Now Available On Amazon


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